Saturday, 30 January 2016


The following is a dream I received from the Lord years ago on Saturday the 15th of May, 2004:

My family and friends and I are situated in a large stone-paved area, having made our way down the steps of what appears to be a court house (court house stone pillars standing at either side of us). All of a sudden the noise from a massive bell rings out. The sound it makes is deafening and the ground and air shakes as a result (like would not be possible in real life). At the same time that the bell rings my family starts screaming and panicking but I tell them it’s ok because it will still be another 20 minutes until the asteroids hit. However, about 30 seconds after I say that, I look up to my right and in the night sky see what appears to be a cluster of many asteroids. Everyone becomes silent, in awe of the sparkling night show. The asteroids appear as very bright yellow blobs and are similarly encompassed by a yellow haze. Two or three (my best recollection at the time I had this dream was that there were most likely three asteriods) asteroids break away from the rest of the pack. They are the biggest and brightest of the lot, and I watch them shoot downwards towards the Earth.

After that I turn to my right and look towards the horizon to what I instinctively know to be China. Then I say, “Watch this,” and a nuclear missle soars in from the right, on a downward path, and hits the ground. When it hits, someone says, “That’s Hong Kong; it’s hit Hong Kong.” I knew that it was Hong Kong that had been hit as well. My family and friends and I sleep out in the open that night.

My interpretation:

Most of this dream speaks for itself, as the asteroids and nuclear missile are obviously literal and not symbolic. A nuclear missile will hit Hong Kong, and a cluster of many asteroids will appear in the sky and two or three large ones will definitely head towards Earth. Although I didn’t actually see them make contact with the ground, in my opinion I believe they will hit the Earth (this is just my opinion though) due to the fact that they appeared yellow in the sky, which probably means they were burning as a result of travelling downwards through our atmosphere. This may also mean that more than 2 or 3 will hit, and that in fact many will collide with the Earth. This opinion is also supported by the more recent dream the Lord gave me in which I saw a whole host of meteors in the night sky, which, similarly due to their yellowy-orange colour, also all appeared to be travelling through our atmosphere. So many asteroids will hit the Earth, but two or three will be very large.

I believe that the start of the dream was very significant in regards to revealing the timing as to when these things will happen. I stress about the fact that, again, what follows is MY OPINION, and I therefore obviously could be wrong. At the start of the dream my family and friends and I were coming from a court house. The court house looked very similar to what the Supreme Court in America looks like. On June 26 last year (2015) the Supreme Court in America made a ruling allowing same-sex marriage. It is very possible that at the time I was given this dream, which is nearly 11 years ago now, the Lord was revealing that as soon as that ruling would be made, judgment would be set and would begin VERY SHORTLY after it. In the dream itself, I believed that after the bell rang out, it would be another 20 minutes till the asteroids hit (I believe the 20 minutes represents the last 11 years since I had this dream), but I was wrong, as they began 30 seconds after I’d said that (I believe the 30 seconds represents the period of time since the actual Supreme Court ruling in the USA last year in 2015). So I believe the 30 seconds symbolically means that IT WILL BE A VERY SHORT TIME NOW BEFORE THE ASTEROIDS WILL HIT. THIS COULD MEAN A MATTER OF MONTHS OR A FEW SHORT YEARS BEFORE THEY HIT. I reiterate again that this is just my opinion, and it’s possible that the timeframe will be longer than I’ve specified. It is even possible that these events will be delayed or stopped due to prayer and spiritual change. There could also be an extended period of time between the event of the appearance and falling of the asteriods and the event of the nuclear missile strike on Hong Kong.

Let me also stress that these revelations are meant to prepare us and stengthen our hands and knees in Christ, in that they are meant to strengthen our faith in Christ. These revelations are designed to be a source of comfort and consolation for us when we actually go through these things that are coming, by reminding us of God’s complete and soveriegn control over everything that happens. These revelations are in no way meant to bring fear, for perfect love casts out all fear. Jesus loves us with a perfect love, which means that He is looking after us, and will look after us in the coming time.  These things will happen because God is a righteous God and so He must not only judge, but judge in order to stop wickedness from destoying everything good and Godly.

It is very important that in the lead up to these things and so even in this present time, we make sure that we are abiding in the grace of God according to truth, and that we are following the Lord so that we will not be in danger of being outside of God’s care and protection when these things take place. What I mean by this is that if anyone is living a life of willful sin, they need to repent and turn back to God. The Bible is very clear that we cannot expect to be protected from disaster if we are living a life of willful sin- the Lord may be gracious to us, but we cannot count on that if we are in that state. We also need to be praying that the Lord will protect ourselves and our family and friends from these things. The Lord is our Good Shepherd and our shield, and so if we are abiding in his goodness and grace and following after Him sincerely, we can expect that He will lead, guide and protect us in the way that He sees fit (which may or may not be a practical protection but it will definetly be a spiritual one). We also need to be reconciled to and at peace with the fact that, even if we are rightly abiding in the grace of God, that the Lord may want or allow us to be taken to Heaven via these things. We can be reconciled to all of this through the always sufficient grace of God, and through prayer and a firm commitment that we will continue to follow the Lord Jesus no matter what happens in the future.

*NB: The court house and bell that rang out could have indicated coming judgment as a result of something other than the same-sex marriage ruling. It is also possible that the Lord was simply revealing that His judgment is coming because of the overall wickedness of nations around the world.

Friday, 29 January 2016


The list below is a summary of the main prophetic revelations in dreams and visions that the Lord has given me throughout the years. I’ve put it in this list so that the whole scope of the prophetic picture that the Lord has shown me can be read simply and quickly in one place.

Some of the following have already been fulfilled or are currently being fulfilled. Some have yet to happen, the tsunami can be stopped, and perhaps others can be stopped or lessened through prayer and spiritual change, both in the Church and in the nation of Australia and other nations around the world.  All of these prophetic revelations are therefore a call to prayer and to make sure that we are sincerely following after the Lord by abiding in His grace according to truth. They are a call to pray for those in the Church that are lukewarm and who are not following the Lord according to the Word to repent and turn back to Him. They are also a call to pray against the work of the enemy, and also that the Holy Spirit would not only be poured out upon the Earth but also establish goodness, righteousness and righteous ways around the world, so that He would not have to judge, either to discipline His people, or to pour out His wrath in judgment on the world:

      1) Dream: Nuclear bomb explosion off of the East Coast of Australia and nuclear fallout to come over the East Coast

      2) Dream: Massive Tsunami to hit the East Coast of Australia; in the dream I estimated that it was about 1000 feet tall (possible to stop through prayer and spiritual change)

      3) Dreams: Many meteors to hit the Earth (Dream received Jan 2016). There will also be a large host of meteors that apply in the night sky (*I believe I have had this dream twice). There will also be two or three large meteors that will head to Earth (Dream received in 2004). 

      4) Dream: Earthquake to hit Robina Town Centre on the Gold Coast
*    *I have had this dream twice

      5) Dream:
       -Part A: Severe storms and fires to come to the East Coast (Partially fulfilled in recent years. In my opinion there is still probably more to come).
      -Part B: There will be an ending of the world wide 'Game of Thrones' - likely to culminate in a world government ruled by the Antichrist.

      6) Dream: Terrorist attacks to happen regularly again since 9/11 (began to take place with the Boston Bombings in America and has been completely fulfilled since then in the terrorist attacks around the globe that followed), and to happen all over the globe (Partially fulfilled, see:  
      I believe there is a high possibility that there will be a fuller fulfilment in the future.)

      7) Vision and Dream: Russia will become very strong and act against, and attack, the US (Partially fulfilled in Russia flexing its muscles and becoming very strong again. The attack against the US is still pending). In the vision, I saw that the Russian bear had a massive and large-fingered leg and paw, which could indicate that in the future Russia could either expand its power base (take over other countries or territories) or greatly strengthen territories it already rules. It could also indicate that their reach becomes very great as the leg and paw was very prominent. 

      8) Dream: I saw a newspaper report that a terrorist attack had taken place at Hillsong Australia. 

      9) Vision: Europe (Possible to specifically be the nation of France, and/or nations with a red, white and blue flag) will be brought to its knees (partially fulfilled in recent times in terrorist attacks in France-particularly the large scale one-, and in the mass influx of refugees- 1 million by the end of 2015- that flooded European countries. In my opinion there will be more that brings Europe to its knees)

     *Updates: On the 20th of May, 2016 a Flight from Paris to Cairo crashed into the ocean before it reached Egypt, killing 66 people--15 of whom were French nationals.

*   *15th of July, 2016: France terrorist attack - at least 84 dead and 50 injured (as of 16/7/16). This is now the 3rd major terrorist attack in France inside the last two years. 

      10) Dream: Great destruction (storm/possible literal tornados) is coming to Sydney (partially fulfilled in recent years with two great storms that hit it and at least 1 tornado. In my opinion I believe there is more to come)

      11) Dream: I saw a nuclear missile hit Hong Kong in China
      12) Dream: In a dream I saw an airplane (it looked like a jetliner) flying very low and then go down into the ocean off of a coast of Australia (In my opinion I believe this could mean that a plane is going to go down and into the ocean off of either the East Coast or any other coast of Australia. It could also mean that a plane goes down into the ocean anywhere else in the world). The plane became completely submerged in the ocean (This is either THE fulfilment or A fulfilment of this prophetic dream: On the 20th of May, 2016 a Flight from Paris to Cairo crashed into the ocean before it reached Egypt, killing 66 people--15 of whom were French nationals. France has many nudist beaches.)

      13) Vision: On the morning of the 26th of June 2015 I had a brief vision of a terrified woman in pink. She was stricken with terror- pulling her mouth open wide with both hands. The look on her face was horrible as she was in great distress. (Fulfilled: In the evening of the same day that I'd had that vision there was the horrible news of a terrorist attack in France where there was a bombing and beheading, and another terrorist attack in Tunisia where a gunman went on a rampage and killed 38 people. 

*On this same day- the 26th of June 2015 when I had the vision above- the US Supreme Court legalised same-sex marriage. It is possible that the Lord was also revealing that great terror or things that cause great terror are coming as judgment because of that decision.   
      14) Dream: In a dream it was revealed to me that Christians will face persecution because of their belief that homosexuality is a sin. This will happen because of the gay pride movement, and police will set up and frame some Christians in order to bring them down.

      15) Dream: Angels will start to appear in some Churches in order to give those Churches and Christians comfort and consolation for the future because of the persecution and trial that will break out (I believe that it's possible that this will happen on a large scale, in many Churches).

      16) Dreams: Planes will again be used in terrorist attacks and terrorist attacks will take place all over the world. Planes will also be used in terrorist attacks against buildings again (this is my best interpretation of these dreams as in them I literally saw planes heading towards buildings. It is possible that the Lord was just showing that terrorist acts, and large scale ones at that, will take place, and that planes would be used in terrorist acts). (*Partially fulfilled, although I believe there will be a fuller and truer fulfilment in the future)

17) Dream received 26/4/11: Terrorism will take place in America. (fulfilled: there have been 17 terrorist attacks in America since the time I received this dream). Source: The terrorism that I saw was a major act of terror however, so it is possible that there is still a large-scale terrorist attack (or attacks) that will happen in the US or somewhere else in the world. 
      18) Dream received 26/4/11: Devastating tornados to hit the USA and kill many people. (was fulfilled- Source: 'Live Science'- Quote- '2011 marked a huge spike in tornado activity in the United States. 1,704 confirmed tornadoes killed 553 people. This includes 158 deaths from the category EF5 tornado that struck Joplin, Mo., on May 22. The Joplin tornado is the deadliest since modern record-keeping began in 1950.' The 2011 death toll from tornados was the worst since 1953. website- Update: 2016 also saw very devastating tornados in America. Proof of fulfilment: the study at this link further proves the fulfilment of this dream-

 19) Dream received in 2016: After specifically praying and asking the Lord what things are coming to earth in the future in light of Luke 21v25-26, I had a dream in which I looked into space and saw UFO's and a massive red rider on a red horse start galloping towards the earth. I believe the rider on the red horse is the one spoken about in Revelation 6 and that the Lord was indicating that great death and destruction is coming to the earth in the future (I have had other UFO dreams as well).

      *Real and verifiable proof of a UFO released by the Chilean navy (released on 7/1/17): 
      20) Dream received in 2016: I dreamt that I was in the Broadbeach area on the Coast. I saw an  averaged sized high-rise building fall over. I didn't get a 20/20 vision on the building, but from what I did see I feel as though it could be one of the wave-type buildings that are located on the opposite side of the highway to Pacific Fair, although it doesn't have to be. I also feel that it could be a building anywhere along the Gold Coast.

      21) Dream received in 2004: 2 or 3 three large asteroids will head towards the earth.

      22) Dream received June 16, 2016: Two tidal waves to hit and sweep over the nation of Australia. Likely that these waves symbolise sorrow, sin, and lukewarmness (grey colour of nation = white/purity and black/wickedness). The second wave seem much stronger than the first.

      23) Vision received 27/9/16: I woke up to see a vision of a red horse riding to the side (in the air) then turn to ride/charge straight towards the earth. When it turned sideways again it appeared as a red unicorn (see related post for explanation/biblical interpretation). This was the second revelation of the Red Horse of Revelation that I'd seen in the same year (see previous dream). This is the Red Horse of Revelation (this was doubly confirmed to me through the Bible and a separate revelation) which means that peace will be taken from the earth and war will ensue in the future re. Rev 6:4.


Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Matthew 24v19: "Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken.

*NB: I believe I had this same dream many years ago now. I believe that is the Lord saying that this prophetic revelation will definitely happen.

Last Saturday (23/1/16), I had a short dream, and I'll share a part of it here. In the dream it was night-time. All of a sudden I looked into the sky and there was a meteor that was heading to the Earth. The meteor seemed very large, but not massive, but it was still big enough to completely surprise and shock me (if I was to try and estimate its size I'd say it would've probably been about 500 metres to 1km in diameter). It hit the earth in the distance, far enough away that I couldn't see all of the destruction that it caused because what was on the horizon blocked my view, however, when it hit, I saw what seemed to be an explosion like effect from the impact, including fire and smoke. Since having the dream I've thought to myself that, although I don't know for sure, the impact probably would've been enough to cause either small or large scale destruction to a city or perhaps destroy an entire city or more (perhaps part of a state within a country?).

But the one meteor wasn't the end of it. Next thing I looked and saw what appeared to be a whole multitude of meteors streaking their way across the night sky. This site, for obvious reasons, shocked and stunned me even more. There were too many meteors to count and they had a yellowy-golden like appearance. Although I didn't see all these meteors actually hit the ground, since I've had the dream I've realised that the Lord was implying that they would all hit the Earth. I believe this is the case due to the yellowy-golden type appearance of the meteors which would only come about if they were being burned whilst travelling downwards through the Earth's atmosphere and to the ground.

The other part of the dream was a revelation about how, as humanity destroys all the good and righteous things about life and how its lived, this will obviously kill those good and righteous things and the fruit and effects those things bring. As humanity does this, they will also allow the enemy to do what he does even more, that is to “‘…steal, kill and destroy.”’ (John 10v10). The world does not really realise what it is doing in this regard, but whether they realise it or not is irrelevant to the destructive effects they’ll bring about and allow. But God is still sovereign over all of this as well.

*NB: I'm no scientist, so I think what I saw was a meteor and not an asteroid, but it's possible it was or vice versa.