Tuesday, 9 August 2016


Shocking pre-prophetic fulfilment

Not long ago I had a dream about a nuclear detonation out to sea off of the Australian East Coast. I have to admit that even I was puzzled about this. After all, why would Russia bother to detonate a nuclear bomb far out to sea? What impact could that have? Conventional warfare would be to drop a nuclear bomb on top of a city, not near or hundreds of miles from it. Then, a few days ago, I came across some shocking news. Russia has created an underwater nuclear drone which is designed to be detonated off of a coastline! According to a Washington Post news report (see link below), the nuclear bomb would create a massive tidal wave and nuclear radiation fallout which would completely cripple a coastline, making it uninhabitable for years to come. This would also cripple a nation’s economy and social and industrial structure (think: mass/chaotic migration, the need to rebuild and relocate the little resources that would remain, and the mass of people who would die or become sick and disabled due to radiation sickness etc.). As evil as this is, it’s also genius warfare strategy by Russia. Missile air defence systems and conventional defence systems and military tactics would be rendered useless.

This news is a CLEAR SIGN and WARNING that the dream I had of the nuclear detonation and massive tsunami is true. The threat is real. The Lord is graciously revealing clear signs to back up the prophetic so we’ll be ready. We now need to think ahead and plan what we’ll do avoid those two prophetic events.

See news of the nuclear drone at the following Washington Post online link:


Tricky prophetic interpretation vs. clear

The subject and substance of prophecy is often a complex thing which requires great discernment. This often means it’s hard to get clear and direct messages from them regarding exactly what the Lord would have us do in response. Also, we prophesy in part and know in part, so it’s often a redundant business to use prophetic revelation to give people direct instructions about their lives. Only Jesus Christ can give direct and absolute directions to people, the most we can do is pass on what we BELIEVE He’s saying through what He’s revealed. The only thing we can do is PASS ON what we believe His instruction is. Even this isn’t a perfect process because of our clay-ee humanity; we are weak sinners with imperfect knowledge, so we’re prone to mishearing (the Lord), misinterpretation or misunderstanding.

There are dreams and visions I’ve received in the past where the interpretation to them has been tricky, and I’ll own that on a handful of occasions I misinterpreted what I saw or didn’t get it quite right. Many dreams I’ve received have spoken about spiritual matters and some dreams of the future have included heavy symbolism. As such, some of those revelations were difficult to interpret because more than one interpretation was possible.

Hope for the best, plan for the worst

But not all revelations I’ve received have been like this. The meaning and message of most dreams or visions have been clear, and some ABSOLUTELY clear—beyond reasonable doubt. The message of the following dreams have been absolutely clear:

1.     1000ft Gold Coast/East Coast Australian tsunami
2.     Nuclear detonation off of the East Coast/Gold Coast of Australia

With absolute 100% certainty I would say those revelations were from the Lord, and so would vouch for them with my very life.

The Lord has shown me that each of those revelations CAN BE AVERTED through prayer and through some of His peoples’ spiritual return to Him (any of those who are lukewarm/living in sin). My prayer and hope is that they will be averted, BUT MY EXPECTATION IS THAT THEY WON’T BE. “Why,” you ask? The short answer is this: the current wicked state of the world and the rebellious state of many of His people. Wickedness and lukewarmness is a potent mix, and always invites the judgment and discipline of God. When these things reach fever pitch and begin to pollute everything, God must judge and act lest men destroy each other and each others’ souls through their wickedness—Sodom and Gomorrah are a telling Biblical example of this (i.e even Lot’s wife was judged along with the city because Sodom and Gomorrah had taken a hold of her heart).

Near certainty: 10-30 years away

This last year has further confirmed to me what should be obvious to all by now: it’s highly likely that the nuclear bomb and tsunami event WILL HAPPEN. At the very least, it’s highly likely that a slightly watered down version of those two events will happen—but that is to hope a lot. This world is choosing great wickedness and even institutionalising it—so great judgments won’t be far away now. Prayer may bring some mercy and grace, but God will never avert justice which is necessary, otherwise what good will mercy and grace do if we live in Sodom and Gomorrah? Even the very best of men will become spiritually corrupted by living in a society completely overrun with evil. Sadly, that’s where we’re quickly headed. So let’s estimate: five years? Ten years? Twenty years? I would be extremely surprised if this world has another twenty years before great judgments fall on it. I would be even more surprised if the nuclear bomb events and tsunami judgments didn’t come within the next 20-30 years. In a dream, God has shown me that I will be living in America when Russia attacks it—so don’t fool yourself to think these events will be lifetimes away.

Start planning now

If you live on the Coast or anywhere on the East Coast of Australia, you need to start planning for the future, and doing so RIGHT NOW. Do not put it off; you need to start thinking about it this year. You need to seriously grapple with the reality that very soon you may need to leave the Coast, and you need to be the one who makes the decision. Don’t say to yourself, “God will tell us to go if He wants us to go”. Why do you think He’s revealed what He already has? That IS God speaking to you! Don’t tempt the Lord your God; don’t tempt His Spirit. The Lord expects us to listen when He speaks, and He doesn’t always repeat what He says. You’ve been given the ‘VERILY VERILY’ and in fact you’ve been given much more than that—the Lord has been speaking continuously. If we’ve had ‘ears to hear’, then we should already have been considering moving from the East Coast (or even Australia itself) in the future. Begin considering the practicalities of moving and what that’ll entail. Moving is a long process, especially if we’re moving far away, so we need to account for that.

Even if you think the actual move will be years away, it never hurts to envision what that will look like, and what’ll be needed in order to do it. This may include researching other places to live, other jobs/careers, schools, and other cultures. Money will obviously be a factor, as will knowledge of where you are going and what it will be like to live there. Moving is often a daunting prospect, especially if it’s interstate or to another country, but if it’s dealt with little by little over time, it is possible, and possible to do in a way which is effective and not rushed. By the time the nuclear danger is near, it may become very difficult if not impossible to move. If the danger becomes obvious to everyone, especially non-Christians (i.e. knowledge of the Russian threat), everyone may want to move but not be able to do so because resources may become stretched very thin or the government may not allow people to move. My personal opinion is that by the time the nuclear and tsunami threat becomes obvious and imminent, the world will be a starkly different place to the one we live in now. We will probably be living in a world rocked by multiple asteroid impacts, economic collapse, the further breakdown of governments, a transformed Europe, global terrorism and UFO deception, so who knows how well humanity will be able to move about the Earth? Plane travel may become difficult, banned or impossible (terrorists could make this a reality very easily).

Don’t’ wait till the threat is obvious

It’ll be no use trying to move when the nuclear detonation takes place off of the Coast. They’ll be no time to get away from it in time (think: chaotic mass traffic migration), and it’ll be nearly impossible to escape the effects of radiation from nuclear fallout (unless you know beforehand how to protect yourself from radiation and fortunate enough to be inside or underground when it takes place). It’ll be nearly as useless trying to outrun the tsunami. Although there will be a small pre-tsunami wave, if you don’t see this when it happens, they’ll be no way to get away from the Coast in time to survive its approximately 1000 ft height. The only hope would be if you heard a tsunami warning from the Australian Government (and heard the warning in time), but even if you get this, imagine how impossible it will be to flee the Coast when EVERYONE on the Coast is trying to flee.

There may in fact be no ‘silver bullet’ place (free from danger) which will be completely safe to move to, but one thing is clear, if prayer and change don’t stop it, the East Coast of Australia will face a destruction that no man will survive or will want to survive if we consider what it’ll be like to experience the effects of radiation poisoning from nuclear fallout. That leaves many places around the globe which will be more attractive to be a resident of than Australia.

The Spirit MAY move you on anyway (or have done so already)

Some of you may not even realise it, but God has graciously moved you away from the Coast already. There have been other reasons for your moving, but that has been one of them—your practical safety. There are others who are currently not happy where they’re at: this is God-allowed too, and God will soon move you away from the Coast. Can I encourage you: go with it! Don’t fight against it—your moving is of the Lord! If you fight against it, you’ll probably make it a lot harder than it has to be. Others are fine at the moment, but God will uproot you at the right time also. Most won’t recognise it as moving in order to be physically safe, but this will be one of the main reasons God moves you on. God will use various ways to move you on if you don’t recognise the need to move yourself.

Sometimes the Spirit is gracious with our unbelief and so will find other ways and means to move us on. A few have experienced this already, but if you haven’t, get ready for it! And if you refuse to move, even in the face of the Holy Spirit’s leading and prompting, then unfortunately the result will be on your own head; you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.

Don’t count on it

You can’t count on the Lord moving you. Because He’s spoken very clearly about what’s coming already (the tsunami and nuclear detonation), He may leave it at that. After all, if He’s spoken about it once, why should He need to speak about it again? He may also leave the ball in your court in order to test you, your faith, and whether you have ‘ears to hear’ what the Spirit says. This is how Noah was tested, and He passed with flying colours—he was told to build a boat and he did so. It took years to make, but he did it. Similarly, moving will take time too, so we need to factor that in. Sometimes the Lord tests, grows and proves our faith IN THE LEAD UP to fulfilments of prophecy (because the prophetic has to do with HIS VOICE and being OBEDIENT to it and Him). If we wait on prophecy to be fulfilled, we miss the purpose of why prophetic warning is given—not just to keep us safe physical, but to grow us spiritually.

Trust God

No matter where you go, be sure of this: God will be with you, just like He was with Abraham. Abraham moved so many times I bet he himself lost count of where he’d been after a while, but God was with him through all of it. God is present in the entire world, and will be present with us no matter what part of it we’re in:

Psalm 139v7:
Where can I go from Your Spirit?
Or where can I flee from Your presence?
V9: If I take the wings of the morning,
And dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea,
Even there Your hand shall lead me,
And your right hand shall hold me.

Has God provided your needs in the past? Then He’ll do so again because He never changes and His faithfulness remains the same:

Philippians 4v19:
And my God will supply all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.

Heed the warning

We must heed God’s prophetic warning otherwise the grace He has stored up for us in that manner will be in vain:

Hebrews 4v2:
For unto us was the gospel preached, as well as unto them: but the word preached did not profit them, not being mixed with faith in them that heard it.

Our faith in what He says is even accounted of as much worth as the righteousness which has been imputed to us.

Romans 4v3:
For what does the Scripture say? “Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him for righteousness.”

In light of that, to not believe what He says is to sometimes not enjoy the reward of the righteousness given to us:

Hebrews 3v19:
So we see that they could not enter in because of unbelief.

Most of Israel died in the wilderness because they refused to listen the Lord’s voice to move from there to another place (from the wilderness to Canaan). Don’t be like disobedient Israel!

News updates for month of August:

*Russia’s underwater nuclear drone:

*Russia is now building up its military in Crimea along the Northern border with Ukraine (probably planning to invade in the near future):

*China further militarising its man-made islands in the South China Sea (threat to the world’s major shipping lanes):

*North Korea shoots missile very close to Japan:

*Continuing fulfilment of dreams to do with global terrorism with the multiple terrorist attacks in France and Germany in the last few weeks