Friday, 28 February 2014


The only way men can hold power in a beneficial way, both for themselves and others, is not only by having passion but the right motive, not only by being able to lead, but by being able to lead via a servant's heart, not only by having a wise mouth, but a listening ear, not only by recognising the authority given to them, but by understanding that it can only be rightly executed by submitting that authority to the Lord. It is not only gifting that counts, but the manner in which it is used. We may have all the gifting in the world, and yet if we don't have love, we are nothing and all we attempt to do will be in vain.

Jesus had all the authority that one could have, and yet when He came to earth, He came serve and to lay down His life for His friends and for His God. He had all the wisdom in the world, and yet first and fore mostly He loved others. God is love; and that is the beginning and end of everything that will count, not only in this life, but for the one to come.