Saturday, 15 August 2015


Mena Grebin, a leader at Faithful Walk Healing Ministries in Chicago in America, received revelations from the Lord and from an angel about the trouble that is coming to America. She saw the Rider on a Black Horse riding across the months of September, October, November and December of this year ('A day's wages for loaf of bread'). However, she also saw that in this time of need many Christians would be greatly blessed. I have listened to her share the revelations she received, and while I haven't heard anything directly from the Lord about what she is sharing, I believe that she did hear from the Lord and what she heard was true.

I have also heard many other prophetic revelations that have lined up with each other and that point to the end of this year and next year and onwards as a time of great trouble. My conclusion has been this: 'Could these things not be from the Lord?' Yes, it is possible. 'Could the people receiving the revelations have misheard or misinterpreted what they received?' Again, yes it is possible. 'And could these things have been made up?' Yes, it is possible. However, the conclusion I have reached is this: if I was in America right now, based off the revelations this lady said she received and due to many other prophecies lining up and supporting each other, I would, if it was the will of God, prepare. I would come to the conclusion that it's better to be safe than sorry and do what this lady was told to do and prepare food and water for at least one year for myself and my family. If what Mena and others have said proved to be wrong, I would still be fine, albeit maybe a little out of pocket for a while, however, if I did nothing and did not prepare, I might not be fine, and instead might find myself in real trouble.

No doubt there will be many that the Lord will provide miraculously for if needed, just like when He rained down manna from Heaven for the Israelites in the Old Testament. However, the Lord often provides through what we have already and through what we do to help ourselves to the best of our ability. We see this in the fact that He provides for us through the work we do, and in the Bible this was seen through the small portion of loaves and fishes that were multiplied. It was also seen in the Word when Jesus turned water into wine at a wedding feast:

John 2v5: “His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”  v7-8: “Jesus said to the servants, “Fill the jars with water”; so they filled them to the brim. Then he told them, “Now draw some out and take it to the master of the banquet.’

Like the servants, we are to do whatever the Lord tells us to do for the provision that we need. The servants filled the jars with water and it was only after this that the water was turned into wine. Likewise, perhaps the Lord is wanting some Christians in America to fill up their storehouses with what they can, then He will provide and multiple from there. The important thing is that if you live in America right now (and even if you don't), do what Jesus' mother said- DO WHATEVER HE TELLS YOU to in regards to preparations, because that is often the way that He provides for His people.

I do not share this lightly; I'm sharing this because I really care about all of my American friends on my friends list and other American Christians and Americans that perhaps may hear about this and so prepare if they feel led by the Lord. I have never shared something like this before in my life, and so hopefully that will tell you how seriously I'm taking this. Again, even if all this falls through, and none of it comes to pass (at least not in the near future), what is the harm in preparing? If I received this directly from the Lord, I would prepare and I would tell others to as well if that's what the Lord wanted, and that's what Mena has done. Mena Grebin was told to warn people, and I think the Christians in America, and in fact anyone in America would be extremely wise to heed what He said to her. Do not be afraid, but do not be unwise either. Hear what the Lord is saying to you at this time, and take action from there if that is what He wants.

The notes about what Mena Grebin received from the Lord are below and were taken from 'The Prophecy Club' website at, and were written by the head of The Prophecy Club, Stan Johnson. I would also recommend and urge people in America, and people everywhere, to go to in order to listen to Stan's latest radio broadcast entitled 'Stan Why GFC Will Happen in 2015' (find on that page at the top- it is the first radio broadcast).

Stan Johnson's notes about what he heard Mena Lee Grebin talk about regarding the revelations she said she received:

“A recession within a recession is coming.” The cities will burn. I saw riots in the streets neighbors were fighting each other. The LORD said, “The violence will increase due to fear.” Have at least one year’s food and supplies including water! Everything that needs to get done must be done by the end of the 2015 summer. Buy food and supplies.

Many Christians will be greatly blessed in this time of need.

Spring 2014: I saw the Rider on a Black Horse riding across the months Sept Oct Nov Dec 2015. A day’s wages for a loaf of bread. Many small businesses will fail in 2015. Those depending upon the government will fall, the housing market will crash again. Warn the people, those who know me will be sustained

As the nation is prepping for catastrophe, heaven is prepping for revival. The revival will start on the east coast and spread to the west coast.

The drought in California is going to grow worse and spread. Starting in Sept 2015 and carrying into next year it is a time of Jubilee.

2015 Vision: I saw newspaper “575,000 jobs lost.”

Angel visit: I ask the angel, “Will Hillary will win in 2016?”

The elections will be delayed there will not be a 2016 election! Obama will remain in the White House.

"JADE" ( Joint Assisted Deployment & Execution ) "HELM" ( Homeland Extermination of Local Militias ) is preparation for Martial Law and the disarmament of America and Texas is the primary target.

*All of Stan Johnson's notes about the revelations Mena Lee Grebin received can be found on the page at the following link: