Saturday, 10 October 2015


I had two dreams a week or so ago, on the same morning, and I have to be honest, they rattled me. Why they rattled me so much I’ll explain later in this post. I woke up during the third hour of the morning and received the first dream, which I've included below. The second dream I received after I went back to sleep, and I've included it after the one below:
In the first dream, I was in a house and looking out of a large window at a stormy and wind swept ocean that was right outside the window. The grey, blue ocean looked threatening, and I was trying to judge whether the house was in danger or not from what I was seeing, and whether the ocean would reach and begin hitting the house. All of sudden, the ocean and it's waves went from being near the house and window, to being right near it, then lapping against it, then hitting it. It was at this point that I said, "We need to pray to the Lord God almighty". In the dream, I fully believed that if we prayed, then the Lord could and would protect the house and stop the ocean and it's waves from hitting it. However, just after I said that, I continued to look at the ocean and all at once the whole ocean seemed to rise up and beat against the house- so much so that the whole house was rocked, even it very foundations. It was at this point that a nuclear bomb went off on the horizon. It was obvious that it was a nuclear bomb because of how it looked; the explosion that I saw was massive and it was yellow, and it created a plume cloud that a nuclear bomb makes. It was at this point in the dream that I just knew it was all over. I had hoped that God, through prayer, could and would provide protection, but after I saw the bomb go off, I knew it was all over.
In the second dream I was outside a house in what looked to be a normal Western style street. I looked out to the horizon in the distance, and what I saw was the beginnings of a storm that stretched from one side of the horizon to the other as one band of grey cloud which, from where I was looking at it, seemed to rise about 50-100 metres off of the ground (I was fairly far away from the storm). The storm was not only a long band of grey cloud, but it was also active; its clouds moving and continually reforming. I was looking at the storm, not only out of interest, but in order to try and gauge just how severe this approaching storm would be. At first it just looked like it would be a normal storm, but as I watched I became alarmed at how fast it grew, and the violence of it was incredibly alarming. One second the storm was just on the horizon, the next it went from blanketing a lot of the sky, to all of it, and when it had done that, the whole area was plunged into complete darkness.
Although the precise interpretation of dreams is often a tricky thing, especially in regards to symbolism, I'll give my take on what I believe the dreams probably are revealing. I feel a few of things in the dreams are obvious, but nevertheless, please pray about this and see what the Lord says, as obviously only His opinion matters.
I believe that the stormy ocean represents what we are now seeing the beginnings of on the world scene. Things are stormy all over: the global economy is in trouble, the migrant crisis means that Europe will very likely see a rise in extremism and extremist acts of terror, the US has now passed gay marriage laws and Australia seems set to follow very soon, and Russia has started to become very aggressive and act out in Crimea, Ukraine and now Syria. The world sea is becoming very turbulent, and what is going on in the world now is seemingly more and more dangerous. The only question is this: will it affect us? (i.e. the house) Will it affect us where we live, our nation and even our families? (and probably 'will it affect everyone in the world?') The answer, unfortunately, but also plainly and simply, is ‘Yes’. The stormy sea of world events will get worse and worse, and the progression of this is going to happen extremely quickly now. It will start affecting mankind more and more, and it will start affecting us in a big way (i.e. the waves hitting the house). This will happen so much so that it will feel as though our very worlds and our whole lives are being shaken (i.e. the whole ocean seemed to rise up and hit the house, rocking the very foundations of the house).
At one point in the dream I felt as though, through prayer, protection could come. However, VERY importantly, despite me believing this, the house was still hit and the very foundations of the house were still shaken. Not only this, but right after that, I saw the nuclear bomb go off. Although this is only my opinion, I believe that by this, the Lord was revealing that this stormy sea is definitely going to get worse and definitely going to affect our lives in a dramatic way. The case and point being that a nuclear bomb will go off, and what the affects of this would be, would obviously be extreme. A while back now I had a dream of a nuclear bomb going off far out to sea from the Australian Eastern coastline (off the Gold Coast area). Although I saw a map of Australia and the coastline and saw that the bomb would go off far out to sea, I still saw that Australia would experience some effects of this bomb.
Up until this point, nearly everyone I’ve ever known has not talked to me about the dreams I’ve received from the Lord, or about the fact that He has revealed that a nuclear blast is coming. I’m not sure why that is the case, but what I do know is this: THIS NUCLEAR BOMB IS COMING. Nothing but the Lord Almighty can stop it, but from what He has revealed to me, there is no doubt that this will happen, and I believe the Lord wants people to know that this is coming. This is not a reason to fear, because the Lord does not want us to be afraid, but to be at peace. However, this is a reason to be wise, to be discerning of the times, and to be led by what the Spirit of God would have you do. This present time plus the next few years, are definitely a time where I would recommend and plead with people to make sure they know where the Lord would have you live. I believe that the Lord has revealed the fact that a nuclear bomb is coming precisely for the very reason that He is wanting to lead people to safety. So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, once you’ve tested these dreams and know from the Lord that they are from Him, take these dreams and the other one I had about the nuclear bomb into consideration as something which the Lord wants to use in order to lead you.
*In the second dream, the storm that was on the horizon became so great and so all encompassing, and it did this extremely quickly. What we now see on the world seen will become a storm so great, that it will seem as though an all-encompassing darkness falls. This will now happen extremely quickly. What we have seen or now see as a storm that is just on the horizon, will multiple and multiple and become massive. This is the first time the Lord has revealed to me that this coming storm is so close to us, and will now start affecting us directly. This coming storm is now a storm that will not only start affecting us but will be all-encompassing in a very short time frame in the years ahead. The darkness of the all-encompassing storm in the dream I believe also speaks of just how hard this time will be, and that it will involve a lot of suffering. God will be with His people though, and His grace will always be there for us. Don’t be afraid about what is coming, trust Him, as He is our defender, our shepherd and our strength.