Friday, 17 October 2014


This morning I woke up to see a vision of a man (who I couldn't identify because he was all black/in shadow) who was on his knees with his head bowed. Over his shoulder were 3 coloured ties: one white, one red, one blue.

Immediately I got the impression that this man was bowed down because of affliction. I believe that this dream could very well be speaking of America, as the colours on the American flag are red, white and blue. I also believe that this vision could very well be speaking of what is happening to America at the moment with its Ebola crisis and what will happen to America through Ebola, and also what the nation is facing with ISIS overseas. God is bringing that nation to its knees, as sometimes the only way God can bring men to Himself is through such means- if they won't come willingly, sometimes they will only be made to come to Him because of affliction and pain. Watch in the days to come, for the Lord is doing this thing, and these things are just the beginning of the trouble that He will allow and bring upon that nation.

The vision may also speak about England and Australia, because both county's flag's colours are red, white and blue as well. Both, especially England, are experiencing terrorist threats of late as well. This could very well increase and we could very well see terrorist attacks on both nations, although that is just my opinion for England, but for Australia God has shown me in a dream that that will happen.

Christians have nothing to fear from Ebola or terrorism, for Christ is our shield and our protection!