Friday, 14 March 2014


Around 6 months ago I posted a dream about America secretly preparing for a possible war through getting their missiles ready. When I woke, I had the song 'Radioactive' go through my head (lyrics: 'welcome to the new age, the new age'). In the dream I strongly felt that either a new Cold War or an actual hot war was imminent. In the last couple of weeks that prophecy has begun to come to pass. Russia has taken over Krimea in classic 'Cold War' style (they have effectually taken over a country without having to actually go to war) and have in essence begun to threaten Ukraine, its sovereignty and any Western Allies that would support it. America has threatened sanctions and has, along with Ukraine, expressed a fervent desire to resolve the problem through diplomacy, although they haven't ruled out actually going to war (though this is obviously very much a last resort measure). Russia has taken back its warm water naval base in Krimea (the only warm water base it has, all its other bases are cold water based), and in the last 24 hours amassed around 10,000 troops on Ukraine's border. The dream I had is beginning to come to pass.

Not long after that I received two dreams where I saw planes again used for terrorist acts that would take place all over the world, both near and far (I saw planes fly into buildings, and while this could represent actual planes flying into buildings, it could've also just represented terrorism on planes or even 9/11 type terrorist attacks). In the last week the world has witnessed the apparent tragedy of the Malaysian Flight that has gone missing and is presumed to have either been taken over by terrorists or put down by terrorists in some part of the Ocean of the South China Sea, the Indian Ocean or somewhere between Malaysia and Vietnam. Tragically, and while I hope with everything I am that this is not prophecy coming to pass, it seems like the dreams God gave me are indeed doing just that.

So why share this? Whenever God reveals something, it is for a reason. Prophecy is for encouragement and for warning, and so I share these things in that spirit. While I hope I am wrong, it appears very likely that the prophecy God has revealed is coming to pass. If you are thinking about taking a plane flight in the future, please be prayerful about it and please commit it to the Lord. We're not to fear, but at the same time we're to be wise in all things, and commit our way to God. Ask Him to open and close the doors that should be opened and should be closed. It seems that a new Cold War has begun, and we're to know that God is even sovereign over those things, and we are kept under the shadow of His wings. But also be encouraged to be wise! Be watchful! Be attentive to the signs of the times, and know the day you are in. Know what the Lord is allowing and doing in the earth! As these things start to take place, know that the Lord is in control and He is sovereign. Although hard and often strange to our natural understanding, He has His way in the whirlwind and the storm, and His ways are always Just and Good. Mankind has always received amazing Grace, but there is an enemy that is at work, and there is also a God in heaven who is righteous and Just.

                                                     THE 3 DREAMS I HAD IN 2013

                                        (and that I put on Facebook or my blog that year):


It was an extremely vivid dream, so vivid that in the dream it felt like I was actually there and completely saw and felt everything that happened:

In the dream I was looking at two buildings that were high rise buildings, but a lot smaller than the twin towers (tall high rise buildings, but not gigantic). Then I looked and saw one airliner crash into one of the buildings and a massive explosion of flames, fire and smoke take place (just like on 9/11). As soon as I saw the plane coming it was like I knew exactly what was going to happen (like it had already happened before and was happening exactly the same way again). Someone else was with me at the time too. It was then that another plane hit the other tower in the exact same way (the same as 9/11 too), and another great explosion erupted.

Then I was somewhere else on the ground floor of another building. I was telling the people that they had to leave, that the upper levels were going to come down and crush them, but no one believed me. I implored them to leave but no one did, so I gave up trying and fled myself. It was then that one of the big towers collapsed and produced a gigantic and awe-inspiring mass of flames that came straight towards me. The flames completely destroyed the building I had been looking at, and didn’t affect me only because I hid behind something that acted as a shield big enough to protect my body. I felt the heat of the flames, but wasn’t burnt at all.



I dreamt that, from a distance, I saw a plane fly behind another building that was in front of it, and hit a building behind it. I just knew it had hit a building because dark smoke rose from where it must’ve hit. Then, from where I was looking, I looked up, and I was under a building that, low and behold, looked like it had been hit with a terrorist attack itself (the building looked like a bomb had exploded from within it and utterly decimated it; all that was left was a shell of a building, a building that only had its frame left, and even the paint had been severely damaged and was torn up).

(written on 5/8/13)




This was part of the dream I had:

(I knew in the dream that I was in America) ...I turned around to see a massive load of huge missiles that were in a parking lot. We were all incredibly surprised and astounded. There were many of the missiles and they were very big, some missiles were extremely large, and even the smaller ones looked formidable. Then a massive truck was on the scene, and the missiles began being loaded onto it (was a very secretive looking truck, one that screamed ‘military truck/lorry’). We went over to look, and I instinctively just knew that they were being taken to a military base, my understanding being that it was in preparation for a seemingly imminent war. I just knew that this was the case, and told the others as much. Another person came onto the scene, and said something like, though war seemed imminent, that Christ never instructs man to go to war, but desires that men treat each other with love and kindness.