Wednesday, 13 July 2016


So the storm is here! The present and BEGINNING onset of the storm is now obvious: demonic forces are being unleashed upon the earth in violence and chaos, and leaders are falling and nations being shaken. China and Russia are becoming restless and beginning to show their teeth and power, with both branching out and China threatening one of the world's major shipping lanes. The world economy is a turbulent mess and slowing down rapidly, North Korea is enraged and advancing its military technologically at an alarming rate, and ISIS's reach has gone global and it's attacks becoming more frequent. This year has seen the worst decline in world morality I've ever witnessed in my lifetime; in the media, fashion, social and political spheres. Laws are being rewritten to embrace rebellion against God, with gay marriage being instituted in countries around the world and countless laws being introduced to accommodate a litany of sexualities and sexual preferences. This also comes in the midst of unprecedented divisions and instabilities amongst world leaders and global powers, and the reshaping of European nations and borders as refugees by the millions pour from Syria and other Eastern countries into richer, but increasingly more troubled European nations. All this is the beginning of the ONSET of the storm: it is here - TIME'S UP.

For a long time I've spoken of the certainty of this day, what the Lord showed me in dreams to be A COMING STORM. But the storm is no longer coming, it's now HERE, it's ARRIVED. Take a moment to let that sink in.. Trouble is no longer a topic to do with the horizon of the future, it is now something in plain sight; even right before us. After years of warning, and feeling that my time of warning has come to a close in Australia, the Lord spoke to Mena Lee Grebin in a dream and told her that, "THE STORM IS HERE". I would encourage everyone to read it, because in the vision itself the Lord Himself declares that the storm has begun - see July 12 posting at ''. Mena was given this revelation literally THE DAY AFTER I posted an article about how I felt that it was now time, at least publicly, to pull back. I now realise this was definitely of the Holy Spirit, because the main part of what the Lord called me to do (at least up until now) has been accomplished in Australia - I've warned as I was told to warn - and I've done this as a light on hill, not hiding under a bushel. I've written my prophetic blog from 2012 till now, and even before 2012 I used Facebook to pass on what the Lord revealed to me about the stormy future, and what people needed to do to prepare. I also went into great detail about why the storm was coming, specifically because of the lukewarmness in the Church and the wickedness in the world. Though I am nothing, and am not even worthy to be placed in the same stratosphere as Elijah, nevertheless, like Elijah once did, I feel that I've spoken the word of the Lord of what is coming, and now that the judgment is arriving, I'm going away from this nation to a different brook, and to minister to the very few who will listen - even if that's just one. This'll include posting to my blog, because it's likely very few will read it from now on. For those few that are continuing to read, TAKE HEART because now is the time when God will begin to move with a might and awe that will make even the most Godly of men's mouths drop wide open in astonishment! Now is the time of the people of His power and the works of His might - He is COMING.. We too, like Elijah, will see fire fall from Heaven, and we too, will see that fire be BOTH a cleansing thing and a thing of great REVIVAL, reformation and restoration. Yes, the storm will mean that this mighty Holy Spirit outpouring will come in the midst of trial, hardship and spiritual battle, but it will be more than worth it! This is an incredibly hard time to be alive, but it will perhaps be one of the GREATEST times in all Christian Church history, and that is saying something! We are moments away from it now!

*The world is also confirming the arrival of the storm - see CNN article at -