Sunday, 23 July 2017


*Context: This revelation didn’t come in a vacuum. I’ve been specifically praying (almost on a daily basis) for a revelation of the future for the past few months now.

*The same morning I had the dream it was reported that a Chinese spy ship was found to be monitoring major war games between Australia and the US just off Australia’s Queensland Coast (

I dreamt I was with an Asian/Chinese friend (I don’t have an Asian/Chinese friend in real life) in Broadbeach at night (it seemed like we were coming from Pacific Fair). I looked up into the empty, night sky like I was looking for something, but knew that unless something was pointed out to me, I’d likely miss it (because of the obvious great expanse of the sky), or at least miss the beginning of its appearance. Amazingly, a green arrow appeared at a certain spot in the sky, like it wanted to point something out. The next moment a multiple yellowy-golden streaked phenomenon/aircraft/s appeared where it pointed, and flew across the sky like a cluster of fireworks led by two or three round, flaming yellowy-golden objects (again, likely aircraft/s). As the aircraft/s flew across the Broadbeach sky (on the Gold Coast, Australia), they sped up at an incredible rate, and appeared as though they were going to crash into some buildings further up the Coast or create a mighty explosion by making contact with the earth (the power of the aircrafts were incredibly immense). Instead, there were a few moments of empty sky and stillness as the phenomenon passed out of sight. It seemed like that was it, till three or four single fireworks (actual fireworks) went off, like someone wanted people to believe the UFO objects were a normal man-made thing and nothing unexpected (and like it was New Years Eve on the Coast or something).

For a brief moment, I thought the UFO-like phenomena were fireworks too, then realised there’s no way they could’ve been. There had been too long a delay between the streaks and the fireworks going off, and the aircrafts had been far too powerful and quick to be normal firework explosions. My friend and I then headed toward Pacific Fair (a shopping centre on the Gold Coast). Someone then called me. Although I don’t remember the exact reason, or everything discussed, the person on the other end of the line spoke the words ‘Chinese transformational’. After this I woke up.

Possible conclusions:

1. The Asian/Chinese friend in my dream and hearing the words ‘Chinese transformational’ seems to be the Lord’s way of saying that the flying aircraft was Chinese in origin and thus a product of very advanced Chinese technology. The aircraft was able to appear as though it was fireworks, which means China may have developed technology which can enable their aircraft to appear as though it is something else entirely. The transformational ability could also mean a special ability to camouflage or deceive the eyes of the enemy by ‘disappearing’ when needed (i.e. be undetectable to radar).

2. The Lord may not be referring to a Chinese UFO at all, but rather the deceptive way China is now exerting and posturing itself militarily around the world. China has labelled its own actions in the South China Sea as an innocent exerting of its territorial rights. At one stage is even claimed that, although it was island building in the area, it would not militarise the islands—which it’s now done, and continues to do. While China’s actions may appear innocent and harmless enough (after all, unless you’re living near by, who cares about the South China Sea, right?), like fireworks that appear for a brief time, then explode in a harmless and inconsequential manner; the dream may reveal that what China is doing is intentional, powerful, and deadly. The fact that the aircraft was over Broadbeach (the Coast), may be the Lord’s way of saying that the real-life, same-day occurrence of the Chinese spy ship off the Coast is an important revealer of China’s war-like intentions for the future. China is likely making detailed notes of how Australia and America would go to war or defend against an attack, and planning accordingly.

3. Conclusion 1 and 2 could both be true.

4. My Asian/Chinese friend and I headed towards the shopping centre called ‘Pacific Fair’. I feel the word ‘Pacific’ may relate to the Pacific Ocean, especially as this is where the Chinese spy ship monitored the joint Australian and American war games. This could have been the Lord’s way of saying what He showed me is directly connected to the same-day real-life war games.

5. This dream may also be an indication that certain UFO phenomenon are man-made, and while they appear to be natural or alien-like (‘alien’ meaning of an  ‘unknown’ source), appearing as fireworks, drones, planes, asteroids etc. or weird phenomena, some are, in fact, just the products of human technology and/or a deceit that is foreign to us (technology we’re not aware of).

6. The appearance of ‘fireworks’ could be a warning to us not to take Chinese activities or even the reality of man-made UFOs as something that is just a bit of entertainment or something to capture our attention for a little while before we go back to sleep regarding these things. There is real deceit going on, and real/powerful Chinese activities. That we don’t necessarily see clearly about what these things are leading to, doesn’t mean there’s nothing to them. These things need to be taken seriously, and taken to prayer.

7. It’s extremely unlikely that the flying objects in the sky (the initial ones) were fireworks. Fireworks don’t just appear unheralded out of the sky and on a horizontal trajectory which speeds up at almost lightning speed and with incredible power. The difference between the first phenomena that appeared in the sky, and the three fireworks later on, was unmistakably different.

8. The flying phenomenon may not have been aircraft. It simply may be Chinese technology or military capability we know nothing about.

9. To me, the green arrow that appeared in the sky is good confirmation that this is a revelation from the Holy Spirit. The Lord wanted to point out something very particular, and wanted us to make sure we saw what He was revealing.

10. I feel there could be more to this dream than I’m aware of at the moment. I’m going to keep praying for understanding. If anyone out there finds anything interesting about the dream, anything I may have missed, or anything to add, please let me know. It's also possible that I've misread what the Lord revealed and it speaks of something more symbolic, and less literal. It may also reveal that China is not the great threat they appear to be (i.e a 'shooting star' that will eventually flame out). I think this interpretation is less likely, but still possible. 

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